Want to Combat the Signs of Aging?

As you age, the volume on your face lessens. Your cheeks sag, lines on your skin become noticeable, and wrinkles deepen. Injectable dermal fillers regenerate your skin’s volume, smooth wrinkles, plump lips, and restore a youthful appearance.

Get plumper lips, smoother facial lines, or lift and contour cheeks with dermal filler injections. Injectable dermal fillers offer a way to restore or add volume to areas of your face.

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Why Use Fillers?

Fillers improve a variety of skin conditions, and the main benefits include:

– Smooth wrinkles
– Add volume to facial areas
– Plump cheeks
– Minimize folds between nose and corners of the mouth
– Smooth frown lines and lip lines
– FDA approved
– Non-surgical
– Minimal downtime

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers imitate a sugar molecule in your body that transports nutrients and regulates water balance in the skin. The active ingredients revitalize your skin instantly by adding volume. The dermal fillers diminish lines and wrinkles for a natural, softer look.

We use a gentle technique to inject dermal fillers beneath the surface of your skin. The best dermal fillers for you depend on the results you want to see. Injectable fillers add natural-looking results and reverse the effects of aging.

The FDA-approved injectable fillers include:

– Juvéderm
– Restylane
– Restylane Silk
– Voluma
– Perlane
– Belotero

What To Expect From Dermal Fillers Treatment?

During the procedure, your provider will determine the areas of treatment. Then, your provider injects the dermal filler into your skin and massages the area to ensure even distribution, which reduces the chance of swelling.

How Long Does The Dermal Fillers Result Last?

The result depends on the filler product, the area of treatment, and the patient. You’ll see the effects of your treatment after two to three weeks of settling time and just one session. The results last from six months to two years depending on the filler.

Which Areas Can Be Treated By Dermal Fillers Treatment?

Facial fillers treat:

– Cheeks
– Under the eyes
– Frown, smile, and marionette lines
– Lips
– Temples